Ever want to run away? Maybe that’s too drastic. There are certainly times for all of us when we want to get away. Maybe to be  completely left alone, but for me usually I want to get away with just my two boys, Quinn and Marcus. We do alone, together, pretty well. 

Even so, Marcus and I are apt to go to cities first and participate in the bustle. We go to exciting destinations and do something filling; not always, but often our location is chosen by something asked of us by others.

Quinn urges us to get away to somewhere quiet. Low pressure. To go somewhere and unwind, empty out the cluttered mind, release, and breathe. 

We haven’t been/done that for, well too long a while. My spirit is craving it. Somewhere quiet, isolated, unwind, unscheduled, restful and refill in a different way. Refill from our own well. 

Seeing this photo reminds me, I need to work on that.

New Territory

It’s not easy going in front, entering into new territory. In literature the phenomenon is called,”The reluctant hero.”

“I can’t fight in the rebellion, I’m in enough trouble as it is…”Said Luke and  “I can’t be king,” said Simba. You remember. 

We are each the reluctant hero of our own lives in our own micro-chasmic ways. 


Marcus is a rock star. To us, he’s always been a rock star. He’s always been funny and empathetic and eager to improvise. His creativity makes him a resourceful problem solver, in addition to a fabulous storyteller. 

At first I shared his day to day activities (like this ordinary day in January six years ago)  and his wisdom bombs,  via this website just to show how lovely and regular our lives were (compared to what I imagined people imagined).. Nothing fancy. Still, worthwhile. 

Then we published his book and he started giving speeches and Holy Moly, now everyone knows he’s a rockstar. Well…not everyone. But anyone could, really. 

The Thing Is…

The thing is I’m not trying to prove Marcus’ worth based on his success “on paper.” Or even try to overwhelm the world with “overcoming” – I’m not the biggest fan of that phrase. I’ve always wanted to show the”worth” of a supported, safe, thriving and ever-learning lifestyle, something I think everyone is “worthy” of. I hope it’s clear I still am. And that Marcus is a first and foremost a self-advocate who’s simply selling his books. 

Marcus is definitely a reluctant hero if there ever was one. Traditional learning, aka school, was never his thing. This post-school world of learning by doing, trying new things, getting pushed and/or encouraged into public situations has allowed him to grow, learn, and share more than any of his teachers probably envisioned (even the good ones, and there were several). 

But being in front has its down points, concerns, even sacrifices. Forgive me here because now I have to be vague in the interest of his safety and privacy. So don’t dwell, just trust me. 

The point is (or points are, as I hope you’ve spotted a few):

Everyone needs space now and then. Everyone is worthy of a supported life to reach their potential. Everyone is the hero of their own journey. 

There maybe more in there too, but let’s go with the “rule of three” for today. 

Everyone needs space now and then. Everyone is worthy of a supported life to reach their potential. Everyone is the hero of their own journey. Share on X

So, that little jaunt around the corners of my jumbled mind and back is where this photo took me…where does it take you? Please share with us here in the Finish the Sentence Friday #BlogHop.  Write to the photo and/or to its title: Pioneer. 


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