words in the worldThis Words in the World Wed is a reviewer-so-far-wrap-up And More!

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Now – Onto the line-up! We started with Omaha Bloggers review Black Day: The Monster Rock BandThen we Screenshot 2015-07-29 13.35.41moved on to the Huffington Post Books with an interview and review with Kari Wagner-Peck.

Other websites for reviews of  Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.  

Finding Ninee offered up a web review, and really, it’s Tucker who tells us his thoughts on the story. (Videos of the kids talking about, reading, and watching Black Day are always my favorite!)

(un)Diagnosed but Okay reviewed the book with her two girls. The tween gave Marcus high marks with wanting more, and Bridget…well, I shouldn’t give it all away. Read her review here. 

bbeBefore we headed out on the big tour – Big Blueberry Eyes reviewed the book to help us get a leg-up in the Charleston area.  In her blog we learn,

“I left the book on our kitchen table and my 7 year old son started reading it without any prompting from me, or me telling him where it came from, or that it was for a review. After he finished reading it, and before I could ask him what he thought about it, he closed the book and with a smile said “I really like that book!””

Another high compliment! You can read on here. ( And – now that we’ve met this beautiful family I have to tell you – she’s not exaggerating. Those kids DO have Blueberry Eyes!)    

Of course, we are very proud of the 5 star reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. Check these out and once you’ve compared notes with the kids, add your own! 🙂 Amazon Reviews  

We’re not stopping there!

The Special Needs Book Review Site offered up their thoughts in addition to the opportunity to guest post.

“Special Needs Book Review congratulates the team behind the children’s book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band written by Marcus Sikora and Mardra Sikora and illustrated by Noah Witchell. Black Day: The Monster Rock Band is receiving positive reviews from parents, teachers, and most of all from their target audience, the many children that can’t get enough of the book, the song, and the animated short read-along DVD.”

Read more HERE   

This wrap up is short and sweet. We are looking forward to a virtual book tour including at least 6 more blogger reviews in March. If you want to join in – please let me know as we try to spread the word!