I’m fortunate to have the most awesome friends. And so is Marcus. This week I have been blessed again and again with the support and help of friends. Today let’s focus on this friendship right here:

The Movie Club.

Julie and Marcus Photo Booth

A few months ago Marcus got into his mind the idea of “Movie Club Camp,” and after asking, and asking, and asking, (and asking), this weekend he gets his request. A lock-down weekend, packing only the bare essentials: PBJ, chips and dip, grapes, propel, hummus and pretzels, C-Pap, PJ’s, movie style candy, and ten DVDs. He’s so excited and ready for two days of movie mania!

I was not invited to this camp. Sooooo, I’ll be doing my own Thing this weekend. As mentioned on Wed’s post, I will be taking a Facebook break for the weekend, and working on cleaning out some of the clutter that is in my home and in my brain. (Wish me luck!) If you go through Grown Ups & Downs withdrawals, just repeat this great video of Marcus after our return home from The Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular last night:

Rockettes CollageWhen we arrived to our seats at the Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular, the heavy red Orpheum curtain held behind it secret, spectacular, moving, magical, sets prepared to delight. What awaited us was ensemble dancers, character actors, costumes galore! Oh! And 18 beautiful Rockettes ready to tap and, of course, high kick with bright smiles. The brightest smile, I have to say, came from Nebraska’s very own Rachel Borgman, I couldn’t stop myself from finding her in the lineup and bathing in her smile. The performance was a family oriented treat that brought me to tears, ‘cause I cry at a good tap-dance. It happens.

Here’s a fun collage of Marcus’ from the Meet and Greet and last night:

Fortunately we went with another BFF – Robyn, of CoolestMommy fame, and she reminded me to take pictures. (And she provided pretty much, well, to be honest, all of the pictures form the Meet and Greet)


Free write FridaySo there’s two minutes left in this Free Write Friday and I sit in my coffee shop of choice. Two young ladies are studying for finals in the table behind me. Apparently they are going into healthcare of some sort, lots of symptoms and bodily info being quizzed back and forth between them. I’ve sat by them studying before, I wonder at the idea of learning all of these things, of memorizing “complications” and reciting an “–itus” or “obstruction issue.”

Then one of the young ladies, as they are in between flashcards, drops the r-word. Clearly an easy habit for her. And my stomach drops. No. Not you. I think. You’re going into a care field. Deep sigh. Perhaps, I will catch her eye before they go. Perhaps I will have the courage to urge her, even while she has so much else on her mind, to make her word choices and attitude as high a priority as her final test score. Perhaps.

And so, there is the timer, these thoughts are to be continued…