Free write FridayToday we start a scary new experiment: The Friday Free Write. Where I rant about the week, for 15 minutes, right into the blog. On Fridays. Are you ready for this?

Sheltered Workshops

First thing on my mind is the blog I wrote yesterday for “The Road,” where I finally throw my hat into the ring and talk about my “stand” on Sheltered Workshops. This is just the beginning, friends, I hope to say and do more about this in the coming weeks and I’ll be sure to let you know what’s up along the way.

So there’s that.

Next thing is to let you know, I’m trying to journal out the day-to-day excitement (or not) better and more because, and this is a big idea, but I’m hoping to document this year – June to June – in order to create a memoir of A Year of Grown Ups and Downs. This may very well be, one hopes, a pretty big year for Marcus and this is the year to talk about. (‘Till the next of course.)

On that note, we haven’t heard for a bit about the chance to see the filming in Wales, but we’re still hopeful our credit cards won’t be maxed out before we get “the call.” No promises on the credit cards, though. We just laid down a deposit with the illustrator for Black Day. That project is an investment that I hope you will all reap the rewards of.

Over this week Marcus and I went to Fine Lines Camp for Creative Writers. We didn’t get to stay for all of the classes, but we helped where we could and we got to appreciate a few of the talented featured speakers. Like Jeff Quinn, Omaha’s best magician. 😉

On Sat of this last week we all went to Minden to see Marcus’ Abuela. She is an angel on earth. Such a beautiful, smart, hard-working and generous woman. I hope to put more of her, the inspiration she offers, into words to share. Right now it all sounds like hyperbole, but I promise you it’s not.

Did I mention next Friday is Marcus’ Birthday? He has. About every day since Christmas. I’ve talked him down from a big party, promising that will be a good idea Next Year. ‘Cause this year he’s 24, he should have a big party at 25. Surprisingly, he’s agreed to this. But giving him over a year to plan for his 25th birthday may prove to have been a mistake. The words, Tiered Cake and Las Vegas have both come up already. Big Dreams – you cannot deny this boy guy has big dreams. I could really use an angle on a winning lottery ticket.

Of course, he’s already decided about that too. If we win the lottery Marcus is commissioning whatever it takes to create a Broadway Wii Game. Where you can pick a set, pick a character, then pick a song to sing. Wouldn’t that be great? Like you could be Danny from Grease, on the old style Guys and Dolls set, singing – let’s see…”Maria” from West Side Story. Doesn’t that sound fun? I don’t mind sharing the idea here, ‘cause we’d really like that game, so if someone steals it and makes it, we’re cool with that.

Annnnd – there’s the timer.

So – there you have it kids. The first Free Write Friday has come to an end. Look forward to another stream of conscious next week. See you then. 🙂