Free write FridayI could see Marcus’ eyes narrowing and the slight nods, like I do when I’m reading, and I asked him, “What are you thinking?”

He held up his left hand and said, “My brain is busy.”

Thus coining the phrase that all we Sikora’s come back to frequently, Busy Brain.

Usually on Fridays I Free-Write for 15 minutes and share that ramble with you.  I have been unsuccessful at holding a cohesive thought worth sharing today, so I thought I’d add to your busy brain and share the first 10 from the dreaded “Favorites” list from the top of my screen.  This will show you what I’ve been working on and what’s yet to come 🙂

A little unorthodox, maybe slacker even, but here we go:

1) For Fun:  Sharklumbo Is the Detective We Didn’t Know We Needed HA! Saved for my hubby to see.

2) “Yes, My Adult Son with Down Syndrome Lives at Home” Look at that! Me! on The Huffington Post. 🙂

3) Project Ethics Research Study  (still looking for adults who are caregivers of an adult with intellectual disabilities, btw.)

4) Five Ways Your Sabotaging Your Life: excellent article. Will share bits of it in the upcoming Healthy Habits Class.

5) Event catalog for Free Webinars for families put together by the Monroe Myer Institute.

6) Medieval Knight Jousting info. Draw your own conclusions.

7) Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – Limited Edition Hallo!!!

8) Fry & Laurie Reunited – I have Got to watch this this weekend!

9) It’s My Life! Conference in Omaha put on by the DHHS.  Still need to register…

10) For the CSA, there is something suspicious about the happiness of children with Down Syndrome – Seriously! Grrrrrrrr

Maybe you’ll find something of fun, interest, to learn or pile onto your favorite’s list, too. (Your welcome Kelly)

What are you thinking about this week?