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The Video Of Marcus Speaking at the United Nations

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For real.

If you want #BlackDayBook and Grown Ups and Downs updates, not too often – I promise, Join the Club here!

Here’s what we said:

Listening to Self-Advocates: Relate, Respond, and Amplify

(Marcus parts in bold)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Marcus Wright Sikora.

I wrote a book called Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.

I’m a storyteller, an actor, and a singer.

I’m glad to be here with people from around the world  

talking about Down Syndrome.

New York City is my favorite.

This is my mom, Mardra. She’s a writer, too.

Changing One Person at a Time, starts with me

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paperworkToday the big pressure is: Marcus’ probate paperwork is due tomorrow.


I’ve shared before how much I loathe the paperwork process that comes with guardianship (although I am simultaneously understanding of its purpose).

Too Tired For paperwork.

Travel makes me very tired. Anxiety also makes me tired. I’ve done a lot of sleeping this week. The bad news about anxiety tired (as if you don’t know) is that it makes a person too tired to think clearly to do the stuff that needs

When Don’t Panic Meets Brian Wilson

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No, it’s true.

Kind of all over the board, again.  On my write-about-to-do list: Alzheimer’s Disease and research, Marcus is honored by the Rise Awards, so many friends doing super cool stuff, self-advocates being publicly (and wrongly) “put in their place,” IQ cans and cant’s, how is cant’s supposed to be spelled, when cans outweigh everything and when they don’t, Marcus’ most recent school event, his upcoming modelling debut at the Global Fashion show.  Also on my mind is the Ethan Saylor Film Festival, the Human Trisome Project, and, if you can believe it, time-management.  Consequently, I’ve been

The Silence Frightens Me

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A small, but persistent group made up primarily of parents, shout for justice and recourse. Another group, also loud in their way but with unknown connections or intentions, troll articles such as those aforementioned and spread their venom and ignorance. These trolls are allowed hate language in comments even on news sources

On the “Front Page” of Huffington Post Crime

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Hello Friends, Today I have an article in the Crime section of the Huffington Post. For the moment it is included on the “Front Page.” For the Love Of God, don’t go there. I can tell you in all honesty, it is the last page I ever would want to send you or even have an article/blog included within. Trust me. However, I am still sad and sickened, and I’m sure you are too, about the death of Ethan Saylor, and here’s the deal, more people still have to be made aware of this situation of there

Currently Free Write Friday

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currentlyCurrently: resolving, planning, cleaning, leaving, thinking

Well, we all know a New Year means resolutions. Or not. But then again…I have made a resolution or two. But if you want to know my thoughts on 2015, the short version is Dear 2015, I want it all. (The longer version is in the link.) There’s no resolving that this year is going to be big, cause it is. I spent most of yesterday in the

Toasting to Lives that Matter

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livesign*Originally posted January 9th, 2013

The sign said:

The purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference.


What do you think?


The purpose of life it to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. Do these characteristics coordinate? Useful and responsible are relative terms

Free Write Friday – Because I said I would

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Somewhere between looking at the year gone by and looking forward at what is yet to do,

I wonder where the words fit? Words in the ether…

Welcome to the MOST indulgent and repetitive Free Write Friday Yet. You’ve been warned.

Such a long list of subjects in the works but not yet articulated here on Grown Ups & Downs: How we talk about Down syndrome in our house, What makes you different, Should we “just get along?” Vigil for Ethan Saylor, Our Land, Jobs, Sleep, Happy shaming, and on and on. (Most of

Here Are Links to the Huffington Post Blogs

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Hello Friends, Here we go!


Everyone Shines at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Event

Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx and Marisa Tomei were among several stars who recently walked the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion Show runway in Denver, Colorado.

Foxx walked with two young models who showed off sparkling dresses and confident moves.

Tomei walked with the author of the children’s book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band,

Marcus Sikora, from Omaha.

Read More Here!


Everyone Needs Help

A Gift From the Universe to Change the World

Update and Still Talking

2013-08-30T15:35:14-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|

Hello Folks – having an Up and Down Week.

Ups were a great road trip with the family.

Downs, oi! Family in the hospital, I broke my website (so if you’re having trouble, we’re working on it), Quinn broke his toe, and oh – a lay-off…

But that’s not what I came to tell you today, I’m going to talk, again, about Ethan Saylor.

I chose the venue Medium to share his story and call to action.

It is here and suitable for reading, sharing, linking, action!

I hope you have a great weekend.

– Mardra


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