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Love, Luck, and Epic Fail

2015-01-23T20:06:50-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|

mist“Yea, as I walk through the valley of failure…”

Failure is often personified in my journal; I feel him catching up to me. He lurks in every shadow. He follows my every step. He whispers threats and omens. I hate that guy. Also, I recognize him, we have tangoed before…

When I think of Epic Fail, well, it’s complicated, isn’t it?

I don’t consider mistakes and failure the same thing; I’ve made many mistakes. I’ve learned from some and just

Books I’d Love for You to Know

2014-12-02T10:46:32-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

Books Make the Best Gifts

Am I right? Of course! Here’s where I  remind you of a few books for your list, for yourself or for a friend.

Let’s start with fiction

Up_Do🙂  Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers Earlier this year Spider Press released this anthology of very short fiction. The diverse works span genre and style. Since the works are all flash fiction, in this case meaning less than 1000 words

Sharing the Love – Plank Seafood Provisions in Omaha

2014-09-25T10:11:12-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

Tuesday night, I and other Omaha Bloggers were invited to taste a range of Happy Hour items from Plank Seafood Provisions  in Omaha’s Old Market. You may have noticed #PlankSeafoodHH lighting up twitter that evening.

Members of the Omaha Bloggers Network dined at Plank Seafood Provisions recently. Photo courtesy Janelle Shank at Members of the Omaha Bloggers Network dined at Plank Seafood Provisions recently. Photo courtesy Janelle Shank at


Allow me to say, Mmmmmmmm.

As we say here at the Sikora’s “Learning is Fun!” And the

Love and the Rockettes in Omaha

2014-09-10T17:24:25-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|


theatre thursdayA break from the heavy stuff 🙂 today. Let’s talk theatre and what’s coming to Omaha from Broadway Across America and Omaha Performing Arts. Marcus and I were fortunate to get a sneak peek of the upcoming season and now it’s about to round the corner.

Coming up

He was initially most excited, with a loud gasp as the name floated on screen. Motown: The Musical. It’s no secret Marcus is a music lover, and who doesn’t love Motown music? When the

Lessons in Love and Laughing in the Rain

2014-08-23T09:24:42-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

gs soak

Getting Caught in The Rain

Let me tell you, until you’ve had a school bus full of children (presumably) laughing. Loudly. As they pass the street corner where you are frantically covering and moving garage sale “treasures” while being soaked by an unexpected downpour, you haven’t lived. That is one small moment from yesterday which is why Free Write Friday is actually on Saturday, this week. 


This week flew pretty quickly by me, Richard Dawkins and an unexpectedly morbid and outdated website, ironically called

Small Things with Great Love

2013-10-15T14:05:07-05:00Categories: Change Your World|Tags: , , |

It's Wednesday and another chance to talk about Changing the Your World. I'm going to focus today on my second big AHA moment and quote.

Where I Was

Backstory Alert: So I worked your basic 9-9 job. (Not a typo) And I was frustrated with my place in the universe and my hopelessly small part in making a difference as far as Life, The Universe and Everything is concerned. I mean, I was going to grow up to make a difference! I was going to grow up to help people! I was going to...

Yet, here I sat in a job that didn't seem to make one smakeral of a difference to Life, the Universe, and Everything. And worse yet, it wasn't even a very pleasant place to be. Boy was I doing it wrong!

Music Therapy: Benefits and Our Experience

2023-11-19T16:08:22-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: |

Photo Provided by Megan Catalibe Photography

Marcus has always been a performer in addition to a creator. The microphone is his instrument of choice. In his teen years and early adulthood, he often enjoyed going to Karaoke Nights with our friends. His specialty songs included Harry Belefonte’s “Banana Boat Song” and The Blues Brothers, “Soul Man,” among others. And, as you may know, in 2015 with the book launch of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band,

Brushfield Spots – The Coolest Genetic Trait Ever

2023-11-18T17:09:41-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

I was one of those moms that stared at her baby constantly. I marveled at him. Luckily, my friends also enjoyed this pastime. Maybe because we were broke. Staring at Marcus staring at the ceiling fan, or lying next to him and staring at the ceiling fan, was a hobby we could all afford.

Also because he was beautiful, he smiled readily, and his eyes sparkled.

I watched his deep blue eyes, expecting them to change into brown, or hazel, or in-between-green-and-something-else, like mine.

After he turned a year old, I celebrated the knowledge: Those blue eyes are here to stay!

A few months later he was at an evaluation of some sort with several clinical and scary looking people and one of them used the words: “Brushfield spots.”

A Day in the Life of a Husker Football Fan

2023-10-29T12:00:04-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

Marcus and I had a good day in Lincoln yesterday. Cold, but good.

I am a Husker Football fan. Marcus incrementally eased into fandom. Like most people, it started with the food and social aspect. He’d go to a live game with me once in a while, and take in the show of it. Several years back, the stadium added firework blasts after each score, that, on top of a brutal sunburn on the back of his neck, was the final straw. So he decreed, “I like the bar, instead.”

Memorial Stadium

This last week


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