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A Day in the Life of a Husker Football Fan

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Marcus and I had a good day in Lincoln yesterday. Cold, but good.

I am a Husker Football fan. Marcus incrementally eased into fandom. Like most people, it started with the food and social aspect. He’d go to a live game with me once in a while, and take in the show of it. Several years back, the stadium added firework blasts after each score, that, on top of a brutal sunburn on the back of his neck, was the final straw. So he decreed, “I like the bar, instead.”

Memorial Stadium

This last week

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

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Hello! My name is Mardra Sikora.  I’m a mom of an adult son with Down Syndrome and I think “Awareness Months,” in general, are a good thing. At the very least, they give social media managers something new to share about. At best, they teach and remind those outside of a community of the issues that affect people inside a community, and facilitate more honest conversation and create allies.

Way back in 2013 when I started this little site. I reasoned: Not awareness of Down syndrome, awareness of what is Down syndrome in the lives of the people we love. Sharing stories,

The Friction of Reentry

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Let’s talk about reentry.

To Work of course

Marcus’ first outings where human contact is possible (but masked) so far have been limited to coming to work with me on the weekends. No surprise as we are the “work club.”

Yesterday he helped by placing sample description labels in folders.

From a previous Building the Future Gala event, Marcus and Jeff Quinn.

Advocacy Recognition

Our first big outing will be at an event where Marcus will be recognized

A Healing Balm for the Down Syndrome Community and Allies

2020-10-27T13:43:26-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation each year hosts a fabulous event called Be Beautiful, Be Yourself. At this year’s event on November 14th,  we’re going to celebrate. We’re going to cry. We’re going to push forward. I’m the mother of an adult with Down syndrome.  There’s so much that I want to tell you, I hardly know where to begin…

Shall I start with 2020 and Covid? Of how scared I am…I fear the possibility that my very breath can bring in a virus that kills people with Down syndrome at

The Most Generous Holiday

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It’s no surprise to me how many people we’ve met that tell us that Halloween is their  favorite holiday, and/or the favorite of a person they love with Down syndrome.

There’s a lot of theatrics to Halloween. You can be whatever you want and people are like…cool!

In my experience, Halloween is the most generous of holidays.

Marcus Isn’t Selling Down Syndrome

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He’s Selling a Halloween Book

44649402Marcus is an author who has Down syndrome. He is a self-proclaimed (and proven) storyteller. As authors, we are taught; “People don’t buy books, they buy stories,” and sometimes these stories include the story of the author. Plus, in social networking and marketing we are taught, people don’t “like” an organization/website/whatever-you’re-selling, they “like” a community. People “like” being a part of something. Consequently authors, especially new authors, have to start with who they know.

Our Community

Our community is full of people

What I’m smiling at these days

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Ok, first things first, #1 this video!

We are Goo Goo Dolls fans and have been since, oh…before some of you were born. (Well, probably not many under 21 reading this, but possible!) ANYway, Marcus and I have been singing along (and karaoke-ing too) to many a Goo Goo Dolls song over the years.  I even wrapped up the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris” into a starter review of a few Broadway shows a few years ago. Marcus singing “Iris” is something that will never not rip my heart out. From

Marcus’ Three Lock Down Lessons (Or How’s Marcus Coping?)

2020-08-08T13:36:50-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

“How’s Marcus coping with all of this?” A common question from friends, family, coworkers and colleagues. One concern folks have is for his social well-being. Because many see Marcus as a very social guy, especially those having experienced his exuberant love for a good party or his enthusiastic greetings which light up any room. He does enjoy learning, travel, and working, for sure. However, he is also, by nature, an introvert, so the alone time mixed with occasional online social activities suits him fine.

Once in August – A Story, A Poem-ish, A Reflection, and Now

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A Story

Once in August…50 years ago

A baby was born to very young parents who couldn’t afford to bring her home. The hospital required ten dollars. Although there wasn’t ten dollars in the account, the clerk suggested the father write a check – he did and they bundled the baby home.

There wasn’t a crib yet, but the baby was very tiny (as newborns tend to be) so a dresser drawer was just snug enough.

Probably about 46 years ago.



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