From The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome:

Note from the Author: Seriously, College!  

I love that the options for continuing education are acknowledged and accepted for our adult children with Down syndrome. My son took a class at our local community college and is looking into taking more in the future. In fact, we’re thinking of taking a class or two together. The Think College website, at, currently lists 240 college programs across the country for individuals with developmental disabilities. I expect that’s not even all of them, as the community college Marcus enrolled in, with the help of a special coordinator in the college admissions office, is not listed on their website. So, ask whatever college your son or daughter is interested in pursuing and there may be opportunities for enrollment. And that’s today, as I write this. By the time you’re reading this book, there will be more, and when you’re researching colleges with your child, it’ll be more still.  

– Mardra 

While working on The Parent’s Guide, I interviewed Alex, who was in college several states away from her parents, and the reason I was inspired today about this was because our friend, fellow Momma, and blogger, Jawanda over at The Sassy Southern Gal recently shared about Rachel’s options, which now include several college programs, in “What Will Rachel Do Next Year?”

When we wrote The Parent’s Guide in 2015, there were a few solid programs we shared about and several emerging. In these few short years the options have really taken off! If you have a person with Ds in your life looking to continue their education with the college experience. I do suggest starting at the Think College website.

Think College is a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disability.

With state and national resources, and constant updates, this is a great place for families to start their college research plans.