Yesterday I took a copy of the final proof for Black Day: The Monster Rock Band to our local independent bookseller, The Bookworm, to give them a quick preview.  They were excited to see it and are ready to help us spread the word. We’re talking fun ways to help promote at Halloween and also this summer with readings and posters and what-not.

One of the booksellers, who we’ve known for years, reiterated how extraordinary Marcus really is. I had to agree. Then she said something like, “You can take some of the credit for that.” And I said, “You know what? I do.”

words in the worldWhich is the segway to today’s Words in the World. The Mighty asked readers/writers to write a letter to a disease or disability. So I shared this: “Dear Down Syndrome, Stop Trying to Take Credit for My Son’s Personality.” Here’s one bit:

Here’s another thing, Down syndrome. Stop claiming you’re responsible for Marcus’ amazing storytelling skills. You’re involved in every cell in his body, but don’t forget — so am I.

It turned out to be a bit of a rant, but some of my best work is, so I hope you hop over and take a look.