Happy Book Birthday to a new addition to the Down Syndrome Community of Stories!


RTS for pageI’m pleased to be a contributor to the recent collaboration Schiffer Publishing assembled called Reasons to Smile. 


I’m just going to start with my one concern, going in, I worried that the title may lend itself to cliche’ – In the end product, however, I found stories that are heartfelt, as good stories are, sincere, and well told.

This book was part old-home and part new discoveries. I knew a few of my friends from the community shared stories that were accepted for the pages; I did not know how many new stories I would get to enjoy, too. Some of the folks I already know, even if only virtually, are Josh’s family of Just Joshin’ Ya, Natty and family of Downs Side Up, and one friend we’ve met in real life – Rob Snow, founder of Stand Up for Downs.

The Jokes Guy!

The Jokes Guy!

When Marcus looked through the book he held up this page and said, “Hay! The jokes guy!”

There are many stories of families who love an adult with Down syndrome. Delightfully surprising  how many stories, in fact, are included that are by or about an adult with Ds. Don’t get me wrong, I love pictures of cute kids as much as the next momma, but this book warmed my heart knowing that it will serve as  a perfect gift for new parents who are wondering about the future’s possibilities for their children. Plus, there are a variety of locations for the families: US to South Africa to the UK and Singapore and more!

Another point that warmed my heart were the sibling stories. So much love in those.

Lastly, I want to mention the physical qualities of the book. It’s an unassuming coffee-table style hardback book. Each story fits to one page and opposite that page is a full color photo and quote. Its quality of design makes it appealing and gift-worthy. Each story feels like your taking the hand of a new friend. You reach out, thinking of the brevity of this one page story, then it holds you, with its warm details, even after you have closed the covers.

Guess What?

Good news for you! The publishers have provided two books for giveaways. You can try for one here – right now! – and the other is included in The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome #WDSD16 Grand Prize Giveaway here. So, go for it. Tell your friends. And if you can’t wait – or you know you need two, or three, then check it out on Amazon here: 


Marcus called me the other day and here is a quick peek at one of the ways he makes me smile (Be sure to click CC so that you can hear what he says):

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