words in the worldWhile Marcus and I were in NYC, we joined Dan via technology, and chatted about WDSD, Black Day, The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome, and also the #NotSpecialNeeds campaign.

Pop it in while you’re running, walking, cleaning the house, or whatever it is you do while listening to a podcast. 🙂

In preparation, watch the video of the Coordown campaign, that focusses on the #NotSpecialNeeds concept – here it is, also.



So we chatted a bit about this and our thoughts and impressions.

Now, Dan rocks this gig and you should poke around his website: http://specialchronicles.com/

If you are a fan of Speechless and/or Born this Way, he has special podcast series that features these.  Seriously, check it out, there’s really a lot of good stuff.