Sunday starts with Coffee

Sunday’s are what Marcus calls a “work club day.” He and I are the “work club.”

Marcus holding coffee cup with ghost “Boo Sheet” tshirtWe start the day with coffee together. (He began drinking coffee about 2 years ago, when I read that coffee helps lower cholesterol. Not sure if it’s “worked” and I’ve read conflicting opinions on the value of decaf, which we’ve moved to about a 2/3 decaf mix. And, since it’s October, Marcus adds pumpkin spice creamer to his coffee. So that may nix any benefit, but who knows?)


Sunday used to be Marcus’ coveted Broadway List day. It’s the time I transcribed his weekly ideas, be it script or story, to the page. We haven’t done this for a long time, not due to lack of ideas on his part, but due to exhaustion (mental and/or physical) on my part. (Then I feel bad, and get more exhausted, it’s a neat cycle.) Anyway, lately we’ve generally watched classic Disney shorts. Usually Donald Duck, as Donald is Marcus’ favorite.

Side bar: I think it’s interesting that Marcus favorite characters tend to have anger issues and a very “short fuse.” They are also generally misunderstood by the general public. You know, Donald Duck, Shrek, the Grinch…

This morning as Marcus mixed his coffee he said, “Halloween…!” in that smiley, lilty way of implying “it’s coming” while drawing out the word an extra 3 or 4 syllable beats. More like Halooo-weeee-een!

Costume Time!

He’s preparing to be Squidward, from SpongeBob Squarepants. His costume is a dark brown shirt and blue shorts. I’m adding a recorder into the mix, to act as the clarinet. No one will probably recognize this costume is Squidward, and, here’s the awesome part, Marcus will. not. care.

For those who love Halloween

I believe Halloween is the most generous of holidays. I wrote about that sentiment herehere, and microblogged a bit of it on both FB and Mastodon:

Obviously, Marcus is a Halloween fan.

Marcus Sikora and Alice CooperAlways has been. One of his earliest childhood influences was Alice Cooper (Who Marcus got to meet via a random coincidence, and he was awesome. You can read more about that here.) It’s no wonder he wrote about a monster rock band! And continues with further storylines and a Warlock Musical too.

After Work Club

Sunday starts as work club, but after about 5-ish moves into Guy’s club. He and Quinn are the “Guys club.” Guys club has other, occasional, honorary members, for example, Brad is part of Guys Club on movie nights when they watch Godzilla movies, or in October for classic Halloween flicks.

Tonight they are taking pizza and choosing a movie that’s not too scary for Quinn.

Happy Halooo-weeee-een!