A Gift of Light

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this: "A Gift of Light" The film follows a Dancer on her journey through Depression, on meeting a mysterious individual she is guided towards a brighter future.

It features the lovely actress Sarah Gordy, a young woman with Down syndrome who plays the neighbor.

Please watch the trailer and follow the link to donate to this cause. Truthfully, I'm late to support this because I'm mad at Kickstarter. Now there are only 6 days to go and much to be done! Every dollar and a half (exchange rate you know) helps. But if you've always wanted to be a movie producer, it's only 1000 BP. A bargain!

Our selfish consideration is that Ola Morgan says if she gets to make this move, Marcus can be in it. She doesn't require he donate, just get across the big blue pond. He's ready to tackle it.