Arguing Eugenics Essay and Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Two years ago I read in an article that Denmark will be "Down syndrome free" by the year 2030.

Not because of any great scientific breakthrough either, only through eugenics. Eugenics is the processes of weeding out unwanted genetic traits in order to purify the human race.

It was a kick to the gut.

I then proceeded to write several beginnings to speculative fiction worlds where...

Well, those stories were mostly terrible, because I wasn't saying what I really wanted to say. So finally one day I sat down and said it. And said it. And said it. I put all of my arguments on a page. I put opposing arguments on the page, too, and argued some more.

A Nonviable – Words Matter

From the website Jezebal great title, feminist website. It's a good website, btw, and has many well written and thought provoking articles. However, this particular article by Katie JM Baker upset me. But not until the last paragraph: "So many mistreated babies and kids with Downs live terrible lives. Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus, why can't the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive? Because anti-abortion folks care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies."

I had to stare at it awhile and then, dare I respond?

OK. I did -

Did you really just say that Down syndrome makes a person "Nonviable?"

Go ahead, piss me off, it’s your right

Ok – I’m going to go ahead and go on this rant, because I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, I’m awake and because Texas has pissed me off. That could be the start of many blog subjects, eh?

The crux for those of you that want the short version is this: I’m glad to live in a country where it is your right to do and or say stuff that I wish you wouldn’t.

It's Your Right

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