Marcus’ Abuela

I write for immortality. In times of grief and loss, I write for the immortality of the one whom we have lost. Today I write for a good friend and woman who called me granddaughter from the moment we met.

Where to begin? With her kindness to all living creatures? With her patience for mankind? With her faith? With her generosity to neighbors? With her great cooking and propensity for hospitality, not in a “Bring out the fine china” sort of way, in a “You will always feel welcomed and warmed in my home” sort

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A bit Random on Free Write Friday

I just got off the phone with Marcus’ Great- Abuela.
AbuelaShe is originally from Uruguay, and now lives in a very small Midwestern town. She is over 90 years old and I want to be her when I grow up. Today she said to me, “You are a mother with a capital M. Marcus teaches you. You love him and he teaches you and you teach the world.” “

Don’t give up,” she said, “You can do it.”



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Scary New Thing – Free Write Friday

Free write FridayToday we start a scary new experiment: The Friday Free Write. Where I rant about the week, for 15 minutes, right into the blog. On Fridays. Are you ready for this?

Sheltered Workshops

First thing on my mind is the blog I wrote yesterday for “The Road,” where I finally throw my hat into the ring and talk about my “stand” on Sheltered Workshops. This is just the beginning, friends, I hope to say and do more about this in the coming weeks and I’ll

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