The Silence Frightens Me

A small, but persistent group made up primarily of parents, shout for justice and recourse. Another group, also loud in their way but with unknown connections or intentions, troll articles such as those aforementioned and spread their venom and ignorance. These trolls are allowed hate language in comments even on news sources

Patti Saylor NDSS Advocate of the Year

As a mother, I…

I hardly have the words, and as you have seen, that’s something.

Whenever I pray to whatever it is I am praying to, I pray I never have to show her strength, her commitment, her ambition to continue fighting.

I did not want to share this on the same page as the Ethan’s Law post, it felt a bit like guilt-bribery. Which many of you know I am not opposed to as a general rule, so I recognize it. However, I do want you to see this. So,

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