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Simple Genetics

In 5th grade I learned a little about genetics. We took that traits of our parents, for example the color of their eyes, and made charts which showed, via recessive and dominant genes, how our own genetic makeup must look. At that stage of the game, the science taught to us was simple: every explanation for every trait came from the match up of my parent’s genes, then their parent’s genes, and so on. The whole thing seemed pretty straight forward, much more like a math equation than natural science.

Years later,

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Celebrating #WDSD2014 and The Good Life Tour


World Down Syndrome Day is a big deal.

In 2011, For the first time I witnessed a large and influential set of worlddownsyndromedaypeople speaking in favor of my son’s rights and discussing the path to improving his health and longevity. It was the first time I saw groups of self-advocates standing side-by-side with international decision makers. I sat watched all of this from home via the UN website.  So much information, my brain practically seeped from my ears. 

This year’s focus is on: “Health and Wellbeing – Access


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