Time’s Up (and Down Syndrome)

What I wanted to know for just five minutes on June 21st is what I should be trying to say now. Breathe. Embrace. Capture. Laughter. A love like you’ve never known will hold you for the rest of your days. Many people live their whole lives not knowing why they were born, June 21st 1990 was a blur but it was only one day after you found your purpose. It was the day after you found out your beautiful son was born with Down syndrome.

When Marcus Rolls, Everybody Wins!


Marcus has been pretty stoked for this birthday. 25 has been his “number” all year. I’ve never known anyone more excited to be 25. As you may remember, it was pretty much the day after his 24th birthday that he decided to celebrate 25 in Vegas. Now, to be fair, he does have a unique point of reference as he has grandparents with a home in Vegas, so we’ve been before and celebrated birthdays here before. But this birthday, well, go big or go home people!

It Begins

If you’ve ever gone to

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15 minutes about the Birthday Weekend

Free Write Friday Right Here 🙂

It was a weekend full of festivities, Marcus turned 24.

We started with a breakfast with our good friend Camille.

That worked out well for Marcus’ food plan, which was a big part of his birthday wishes. He wanted to eat the foods we’ve been trying to avoid, and some we haven’t avoided but are his favorites. The list for his birthday party included, but was not limited to: biscuits and gravy, cheese burger, French fries, hot dogs, cheese pizza, a round

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Blogging and Mini-Fame for Free Write Friday

Free write FridayBlogs are weird. Am I right? I mean we, I in this case, sit down and possibly pour out my soul, or attempt to teach you something new, or maybe just think “out-loud;” and then you come along (we/I hope) and read it. In 99.9% of the cases, I don’t even know you read it.*** Thus starts the Free Write Friday  for June 20th. When I brave the elements and instead of worrying about all that I said above, I write to a 15 minute timer and then,


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