Halloween Will Never be the Same Again

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band takes place on Halloween. It’s a story about a boy who wants to be in the band.

Dudes, there is no better treat than this book. For your children, other children you love, your local school, your local library…

Click here to buy the book and DVD now…

Learn more about the book (and author) here.

I have a lot to say about Halloween, but we’ll leave it here, for now.

Amazing Closure to Heart Surgery Over 20 Years Ago

SO, like everyone I know, I’ve got a lot on my mind today. There are many words I hoped to put on paper today, in some fabulous order that would change the world, or at the very least entertain, educate, or inspire.  Instead, I’m too full.  My brain is too busy.  It happens.

Marcus at Seacrest StudiosMarcus and I just returned from another Denver trip where we shared Black Day: The Monster Rock Band at the Colorado Children’s hospital, among other things including a fashion

Have You Seen This AWESOME Animated Short Trailer? (65 second Video)


The Halloween candy hit the display shelves. That’s our cue…

Halloween may never be the same again.

Have you told your friends?

You can get your own copy of the book and animated short HERE, and request an autographed copy, too!

Amazon carries the book only: Black Day: The Monster Rock Band

and ASK YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE. (Ours does! And a few other book and music stores around the country do, too!

Meet the Illustrator – Part One

No Band HereNoah Witchell – The illustrator and animator of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. 

Want to meet him? Follow for this interview with the children’s librarian at the Bellevue Public Library. She attended the standing room only book reading at The Bookworm and we  all had a chance to email/chat. Check it out! 

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