Bennington Black Day Animated Short Showing and Q & A

As part of the Bennington Public Library Author Series, we will be showing Black Day the animated short. Also, Marcus will be available for Q & A and autographs.

Note the location as the library is under construction – so this event is being hosted at the Ridgewood Active Retirement Community.


This is a FREE event.  Books and DVD’s will be available for sale.

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The Letter that Rocked my World


Last week Google led me to a letter written by a 5th grader that rocked my world.

The letter was a state level winner of the Letters About Literature contest sponsored by the Library of Congress. It was written to author Beth Vrabel about her book, Pack of Dorks.  I was previously unaware of this chapter book series. Although I don’t know how, because they appear to

7 Lessons Learned And/Or Affirmed at NDSC

Here's one we took: Here’s one we took:

1) 1000 True Fans starts with One.

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, isn’t for everyone, but those who it is for

– LOVE it!

We heard of families at the show whose kids read and read again the storybook. Here’s a great share from our first biggest little fan from the conference: 

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It’s a Music Video – Boom!

“We are the Band (Black Day!)” Music Video is up and rocking and rolling!

Tell your friends! Join the Club!


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