Ten Lessons from the FTSF Blogging Community

Sundays are my most guarded day. It’s the morning that I get to write. Then, throughout the day I do the prep and caring duties of laundry and cooking and bills and other what-nots necessary to be ready for the coming week. Also, Sundays I take time to read other blogs.

Several Sundays ago, while reading the variety of words that my friends at the Finish the Sentence Friday blog hop gang created, I thought, I learn so much from this scattered group of writers. So, I popped an email to the fearless co-leader, Kristi and said, let’s talk

5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

bday blog

Here we are at the end of year TWO. Two years of blogging and generally being part of the on-line community. I’ve learned so much about people, about the internet, about social networking, about Google, about blogging tricks and tips and, as is the custom, a little bit about myself, too.

Here are 5 things I’ve Learned About and From Blogging

5) Some people suck. Many people don’t.

How old will I be when people stop surprising me, I wonder. I read the news

Blogging and Mini-Fame for Free Write Friday

Free write FridayBlogs are weird. Am I right? I mean we, I in this case, sit down and possibly pour out my soul, or attempt to teach you something new, or maybe just think “out-loud;” and then you come along (we/I hope) and read it. In 99.9% of the cases, I don’t even know you read it.*** Thus starts the Free Write Friday  for June 20th. When I brave the elements and instead of worrying about all that I said above, I write to a 15 minute timer and then,

321 eConference

worlddownsyndromedayWorld Down Syndrome Day is 3-21

“I love holidays that say what they are!” – My husband.

This year I am excited to be a part of the education and advocacy activities surrounding World Down Syndrome Day.


Rule #1 in writing and presenting is: “Share what you know.”

Mardra&MarcusSo I’m talking about – talking about – Down syndrome!


Stephanie and The Road We’ve Shared asked me to join her in presenting at the 321 econference. The presentation

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