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Brain Health Isn’t all Work

I remember adults saying to my brother, “How come you can remember every line to Star Wars, but you can’t remember your spelling words?” I always thought that was, well frankly, a stupid question. Because clearly, he didn’t care about the spelling words and he cared about Star Wars…duh, Grown-ups. Eesh.

My brother is a super smart and talented person, even as an adult. He is also the exemplification of learning what interests him and excelling because of it and not worrying so much about “the rest.” There is merit

Step One to Keeping a Brain Healthy

"I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this." - Emo Phillips Personally, I learned so much within the past week that I feel like my brain may start spilling out. It's a good feeling. Some people like a similar feeling when they've exercised hard; their muscles feel weak and shaky from the stress. Not me. But I get it, when it comes to exercising my brain. The problem is, in order to keep a healthy brain we must move our bodies. If you're concerned about Down syndrome and brain health for a person you love, step one: Move.

I know, right?!

In fact, The New York Times recently reported in How Inactivity Changes the Brain:


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