Time’s Up (and Down Syndrome)

What I wanted to know for just five minutes on June 21st is what I should be trying to say now. Breathe. Embrace. Capture. Laughter. A love like you’ve never known will hold you for the rest of your days. Many people live their whole lives not knowing why they were born, June 21st 1990 was a blur but it was only one day after you found your purpose. It was the day after you found out your beautiful son was born with Down syndrome.

Can a Person with Down Syndrome win a Tony Award?


“What is your goal?”


The keynote speaker, Dakota Johns, asked in his speech, then he asked us to share this goal with those sitting around us.  One person at our table said, “To write a book,” another said, “Take a family vacation.” My son, Marcus, said, “To win a Tony Award.”  

This is the first I’ve heard Marcus articulate this specific goal, although it didn’t surprise me. It may have surprised the others at the table. Then again maybe not, because Dakota Johns, the young man giving the keynote

Marcus’ Top 3 Lessons From our NYC Trip


SO it’s already been about two months since WDSD. I took notes, as I do, while we were there but I also wanted to stew in them a minute, simmer into my consciousness a little from life in the city full of every language, highest of highs and lowest of lows, decadence, poverty, and the arts. Our trip kicked off with March 21 at the United Nations, listening to advocates from around the world; It was amazing and I shared my wrap up of

Darth Oz Hates Down Syndrome

Confession: Sometimes Sunday starts and I don’t feel like Broadway List (Sunday morning writing time with Marcus). Maybe I’ve got my mind full of my own to-do list, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just a little too, whatever, to encourage and document Marcus’ enthusiasm. There have been times I’ve asked him to postpone, maybe later that day or maybe even later in the week we will write together. It’s not easy to talk him into this, he very enthusiastically begins each session with, “It’s Time!”

Yesterday began as one of those days. I slept

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