A Short PSA to New Parents of a Child with Ds


The Best Days Start with PBJ

Saturday launched with a peanut butter sandwich in Times Square, where we met many friends, some of which we knew before we got there, but not all. Then we watched a big screen in the city that never sleeps and saw babies we “awwwwed,” people we “Cool!”-ed, and – the man we came to see – Marcus.

Marcus on the big screen!

I don’t remember seeing him but I must’ve for the split second it took to hit record on my

Very Nearly Almost Our First Buddy Walk

Marcus and I very nearly, almost, kind of, attended our first Buddy Walk

Before I go on, I have to confess my biggest downfall as a writer, perhaps as a person if I’m truthful, is that I am incredibly selfish. Well, maybe a better term is self-centered, because it is not that I don’t care about others, I hope it’s clear from my actions that I do care about others. Where I fall short is that I notice myself first and sometimes, I can’t see past my own feelings to notice

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