Down Syndrome and Self-Talk

It's that inclination to rant or work something out that leads me to what I now know is called "self-talk." I also work through questions and answers when I'm working on a tricky problem, be it in reality or fiction, and there's always a lot of self-talk going on in the car with my steering wheel. You don't even want to know what I say to my computer.

Marcus used to ask who I was talking to, now he doesn't bother.

So, when Marcus followed suit with his own self-talk, I wasn't alarmed. And I certainly never thought of it as part of Down syndrome.

When Don’t Panic Meets Brian Wilson


No, it’s true.

Kind of all over the board, again.  On my write-about-to-do list: Alzheimer’s Disease and research, Marcus is honored by the Rise Awards, so many friends doing super cool stuff, self-advocates being publicly (and wrongly) “put in their place,” IQ cans and cant’s, how is cant’s supposed to be spelled, when cans outweigh everything and when they don’t, Marcus’ most recent school event, his upcoming modelling debut at the Global Fashion show.  Also on my mind is the Ethan Saylor Film Festival, the Human Trisome Project, and, if you can believe it, time-management.  Consequently, I’ve been

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Three Steps to Clear My Brain

Recurring Themes

Click on Picture to read full disclosure Click on Picture to read full disclosure

I picked up an old diary. I mean an old diary of mine, from my youth. There were two very similar themes that ran through those scribbled pages to what I lament publicly even now: time and energy. Mostly time. No matter what is done, I always seem to focus on the more that needs to be done. And it seems I have always blamed myself for the inability to do it all.


Free write FridayI could see Marcus’ eyes narrowing and the slight nods, like I do when I’m reading, and I asked him, “What are you thinking?”

He held up his left hand and said, “My brain is busy.”

Thus coining the phrase that all we Sikora’s come back to frequently, Busy Brain.

Usually on Fridays I Free-Write for 15 minutes and share that ramble with you.  I have been unsuccessful at holding a cohesive thought worth sharing today, so I thought I’d add to your busy brain and share

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