The Journey to Success

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

This was somehow an inspiring sentiment in my teen years. Back then I wore my perseverant nature as a badge of honor and believed  (vehemently) it would be the key to my success. But then…adulthood.

Staying alive, keeping other human(s) alive, and the simple act of breathing took a lot more effort than I expected.

By the  age of, let’s say 43, this quote and “success being a journey” concept pricked at my soul like needles. I didn’t *want* it to be a journey,

Changing One Person at a Time, starts with me

paperworkToday the big pressure is: Marcus’ probate paperwork is due tomorrow.


I’ve shared before how much I loathe the paperwork process that comes with guardianship (although I am simultaneously understanding of its purpose).

Too Tired For paperwork.

Travel makes me very tired. Anxiety also makes me tired. I’ve done a lot of sleeping this week. The bad news about anxiety tired (as if you don’t know) is that it makes a person too tired to think clearly to do the stuff that needs

The End of an Era

We are filled with an unexpected sadness. Yet again, not without hope. The company is sold to another that has the capacity, the drive and certainly the experience to make keep this plant going and growing. I see great potential in this acquisition and I can only assume they do as well. “Folder Express will continue to operate at its current location in Omaha, Nebraska,” stated publicly to the press just this am show the acquiring company intends, at this time, to allow this plant to continue doing its thing, as is their general mode of operations we’ve witnessed in other companies purchased by them before. That’s good.

I didn’t cry once when I left the shop a few years ago. I got rid of or left almost everything of my history there. This is different. I’m having a very hard time articulating why.


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