Mystery of Marcus

The Bates Motel asks: “What mysteries do you want to see unraveled for the future for your child with Down syndrome?” That’s a heavy question and one that I hesitate to answer via the internet. But that’s why we’re here, right? To shed light and truth. Yes, it is. SO, I will continue and you can and should look around at the blog-hop links below. This community is nothing if not prolific. :)

I purposefully waited to write my thoughts until after attending a webinar provided by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and DADS (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome) about research and Down syndrome. Two primary scientists spoke, I think most of it was English though I can’t actually confirm. Some of the words could have been Greek.

That’s a joke.


The information included a lot of talk about chromosomes, and genes, and cells and proteins, especially the amyloid precursor protein. This particular protein is a culprit and connecting factor between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. That’s the way I heard it anyway.


But most of that mystery, I must leave to science. I have a squishier wish than that...

Podcast and Song Premier with Marcus and Quinn

There can’t be a monster rock band without a monster rock song!

Quinn and Marcus did a podcast with the dads at Down Syndrome Radio and you too can take a listen and enjoy.

From their website:

Hopefully it is not a spoiler, but the book is about a band. So they decided to have fun with it and form the band (at least to record the title song). So if you listen in, you also get to listen to the song! We really liked the song but what was super cool was the reaction that my son Luke had – He

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