A Day in the Life of a Husker Football Fan

Marcus and I had a good day in Lincoln yesterday. Cold, but good.

I am a Husker Football fan. Marcus incrementally eased into fandom. Like most people, it started with the food and social aspect. He’d go to a live game with me once in a while, and take in the show of it. Several years back, the stadium added firework blasts after each score, that, on top of a brutal sunburn on the back of his neck, was the final straw. So he decreed, “I like the bar, instead.”

Memorial Stadium

This last week

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Day In the Life – and What a Day!

Resharing this post, a little #TBT, WOW! such fun to look back at the building of Black Day, the auditioning for the Global events, this was a pretty “normal” day in those days…A_Day_in_the_Life_Stacked_4cI love this #LifeWithDs concept, the Day in the Life idea. I love that it gives folks a chance to see the real day-to-day, the normalization of what life is like for our families. Sooooo, it

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Five Ways We Are Celebrating WDSD – Join Us!



World Down Syndrome Day!!!!!!


Seriously. I love that 3-21 is World Down Syndrome Day.

This year 3-21 falls on a Saturday and you know what that means…Stuff to do all weekend long! This week is a huge gear up and we are all Go Go Go!

Who? What? Where? How can you join in, too? Well my friends, you’ve stopped at the right place ‘cause I’m giving you the skinny right now on

May, the Sister He Never Had…

May waiting outside Marcus' bedroom door. May waiting outside Marcus’ bedroom door.


Three kittens were rescued from an abandoned house


The vet named them Fannie, Mae, and Repo.
We adopted Mae and changed her name to May.

We’re a household of unexpected cat lovers.



Uncle Red Uncle Red

To make a long story short, we adopted our first cat about 10 years ago and he converted

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