If You’re Worried About a World Without Down Syndrome, Read This and Share

My Most Important Job

Roughly 27 years ago the universe looked over my resume, took into account my previous experience, my qualifications, and my goals and gave me a job that I was totally – I mean utterly – unqualified for.


And as an added bonus and complete surprise, the universe also immediately promoted me, as a show of good faith, to the role of “special needs parent.”

The application process was cleverly disguised, I won’t bore you with those details but the final result was a new lifelong job with

We Did It! (Part One)

Last Thursday Marcus and I went to our state capitol building and testified in support of LB891: The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Information & Support Act.

I’d like to ramble to you a minute about my own state of mind and lucky coincidences, then I will share what Marcus and I each shared as testimony. If you just want the testimony – check out the “short version” here. 

divingCome on in- The Water’s Fine!

Ya know how a swimming pool or

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Information & Support Act Testimonies

OK Kids!

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Information & Support Act

This legislation would make available to expectant and new parents, upon receiving a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (or Down syndrome) from their health care facility or practitioner, educational and supportive information provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with local and national advocacy organizations.

The link to the Nebraska summary, and what organizations are supporting it, is HERE.  The actual bill 891 via the Nebraska State Legislature is HERE.

If you


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