Another blogger I want you to meet:

It’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and there are a few folks who have helped me to learn what it is to be an advocate. So I’m going to talk today about another blogger who is also not from ‘round here, proving yet again how small our world can be.  DwDButton4

I found Down Wit Dat in my pre-I’m-a-blogger travels. I remember seeing the tagline: Our kid has more chromosomes than your kid… and I smiled. (In the beginning I saw this blog as a kind of

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Words Used Carelessly

Three years ago while in a fit of rage and passion, I wrote an essay called “Arguing EugenicArguing Eugenicss.”

My son was 20 years old at the time. After the initial drafts were tuned, and honestly even tamed, the real proofing process began.

Can you believe at that time I had never heard of the concept of People First language?

Consequently throughout the initial draft I wrote things like, “a downs child.” My uncle


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