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DSU photo The British Invasion!

This is where you realize what a celebrity website this is, cause last week we had rock star authors and this week, we enjoy the British Invasion! Our friend, Hayley, the mum from Downs Side Up (who has recently been to tea at the palace, HALLO!) is here today to play the odds. I’ve been a fan of Hayley’s words for as long as she’s been sharing them. Maybe you saw our homage to her blog here

Have You Met Natty and Downs Side Up?

Marcus Natty BookSometimes we just have to say: “Looky what I got!”


This little book came across the pond. It is a sibling’s story to share about Down syndrome and what it means to a family. Mia and her mom are doing their best to change the world and I am honored to have received a copy of their book. Here’s a bit more about the book and its release. “I Love You Natty: An Important Book Announcement.”

If you’re on

The Silence Frightens Me

A small, but persistent group made up primarily of parents, shout for justice and recourse. Another group, also loud in their way but with unknown connections or intentions, troll articles such as those aforementioned and spread their venom and ignorance. These trolls are allowed hate language in comments even on news sources

…When he grows up?

Downs Side Up posted yesterday  my guest post.  I am particularly proud of it.

Most of this post came directly from my journal entry a few days before Marcus’ graduation.

The journal entry of my thoughts of Marcus entering adulthood as a person with Down syndrome.

I hope that you check it out and also look around at her site. 

She has said much, shown much, and done much in a short time in the effort to “change perceptions of Down syndrome.”

Go Hayley!

Read my post here. 🙂


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