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DSU photo The British Invasion!

This is where you realize what a celebrity website this is, cause last week we had rock star authors and this week, we enjoy the British Invasion! Our friend, Hayley, the mum from Downs Side Up (who has recently been to tea at the palace, HALLO!) is here today to play the odds. I’ve been a fan of Hayley’s words for as long as she’s been sharing them. Maybe you saw our homage to her blog here

When He Grows Up

Taken almost directly from my journal the day before Marcus’ graduation, two years ago…

“What are you going to do when he grows up?”

That’s the question posed to you for the last twenty years.  And although you’ve given one answer or another, time after time, it still feels as if this moment has snuck up on you.

infant with down syndromeRemember the day you found out you were pregnant?  You knew then that this child was going to be the rest of your life.  And it didn’t scare you. Not


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