How You and #BlackDayBook can support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Marcus in his Downs Design Jeans as we head to Denver

In a few weeks Marcus, Quinn and I will be at a big, fancy fundraiser called Be Beautiful, Be Yourself. We are excited to be attending this event because, well, while it looks like a lot of fun – it also supports the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Let me tell you a little about Global. When perusing their website you may notice that the most extensive drop down menu is under the category:

#NeverAlone and Down Syndrome Diagnosis

It’s Thursday October 1st. That means today is the first day of #DSAM15 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month, or as I like to call it:

Down Syndrome Awareness/Advocacy/Acceptance/(be)Awesome Month!

As a blogger it is my duty to be a part of what I call the Google-War: The battle to get current, positive information into the ether when folks Google the diagnosis Down syndrome. One way we do this is in October when bloggers rise to the challenge of 31 for 21. The mission is to put up a blog Every. Day. (in October.)


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