Is this the last generation of people with Down syndrome?

The Job of a Lifetime

Roughly 24 years ago the universe looked over my resume, took into account my previous experience, my qualifications, and my goals and gave me a job that I was totally – I mean utterly – unqualified for. Parent. And as an added bonus and complete surprise, the universe also immediately promoted me, as a show of good faith, to the role of special needs parent. The application process was cleverly disguised, I won’t bore you with those details but the final result was a new lifelong job with very

A Case For Changing the World

Speaking of Changing the World…

Here is a short excerpt from “Arguing Eugenics: a case for changing the world.”

On a micro level, there’s this: have you ever been changed by a person? I have witnessed Marcus literally changing the people around him for the better. His honesty begets honesty. His laughter and innocence beget wonder. I have seen strong, closed men hug him in earnest. I have witnessed strangers get down on one knee to tie his shoes. People go out of their way to be better because Marcus brings this to the table.


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Arguing Eugenics

Around the globe women are pressured to abort children deemed unworthy of life outside the womb with the justification of creating better humans. Many others do so, not forced per se, but make this decision based on fear. Even something as simple as facts are given, withheld, and measured through that filter of fear. Arguing Eugenics delves into this discussion.

I recently read this super interesting article on the 17 time points of When Does Life Begin? *From the website PLOS Blogs: perspectives on Science and Medicine. (If you ever want to lose yourself in several hours of learning cool stuff in an accessible format, this is one spot to do it.)

Even on a science website, the comments proved widely varied on the agreement as to where life begins on the 17 point chart. This is science people! Does it begin at the beginning or not?! The author of the article believes life begins at the point when: "The ability to survive outside the body of another sets a practical limit on defining when a sustainable human life begins."

Arguing Eugenics Essay and Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Two years ago I read in an article that Denmark will be "Down syndrome free" by the year 2030.

Not because of any great scientific breakthrough either, only through eugenics. Eugenics is the processes of weeding out unwanted genetic traits in order to purify the human race.

It was a kick to the gut.

I then proceeded to write several beginnings to speculative fiction worlds where...

Well, those stories were mostly terrible, because I wasn't saying what I really wanted to say. So finally one day I sat down and said it. And said it. And said it. I put all of my arguments on a page. I put opposing arguments on the page, too, and argued some more.


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