An Easy Target or Face of a Friend?

A friend of mine owns a tattoo shop. Next to his shop is a bar (as is the custom). He let us know that said bar has certain karaoke nights. So Marcus and I went to check it out. I was nervous, as I always am, when the evening began. Nervous about karaoke? Yes. But more nervous about how Marcus will be received, how he will be treated. 

An Easy Target 

When Marcus was born and I heard the words Down syndrome, before I knew anything of heart surgery or other complications, I feared that

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Let him Think

“…there’s a look to them. Like in the same way there’s a look that those kids with Down syndrome have. It has something to do with their facial expressions. It’s difficult to describe without using the word vague, so I’m just going to deploy it here. It’s a vague expression...” I read this and honestly, it’s something I’ve been pondering. I admit, I nag the boy. I tell him, “Stay present.” “Stay with me.” “What are you thinking about?” I barrage him with questions when we are headed somewhere public or in public. I want him to look present.

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