The Sun Says “Hurry Up” and Other Fall Thoughts

I’m going to share a little old and a little new today. In November of 2014 I wrote:


Waking moments are fewer

The sun says “Hurry up” while

The wind pushes us along and

I swear time moves faster by

Taunting my to-do lists and

My goal sheets

Each minute holds the seconds more loosely than the last

And they fall away quickly like the leaves that desert the trees

Then swirl along the ground

Warning of the darkness beckoning as

The year readies to close its eyes and then

In a moment’s blink

A New Year wakes and we begin again.


Fun Friday – Getting Ready for Camp Fontanelle

This weekend we are headed to Nickerson, Nebraska.

Where? You might well ask.

Camp Fontanelle in Nickerson, NE

Pumpkin patch & corn maze, 183 acres of wooded hills, and 350' zip lines!!

Check out this corn maze!

I just found out about this camp that offers faith based summer camping programs. (Anyone can come to camp, not just those attending a United Methodist Church.) And in the Fall they offer the corn maze and pumpkin patch to support their main mission.

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