Facing the Vast Horizon

My nephew was on a California beach on his 9th birthday. He looks pretty comfortable with beach life, doesn’t he? I expect he sees the ocean as a giant adventure.

Some people look at the ocean, the waves, and colors and it brings a sense of calm. I have a hard time even imagining that emotional response.

Over the last few years, I’ve had occasion

We Don’t Live Fearless


There’s a billboard in our area that says, Live Fearless.

It gets under my skin, it irritates me, and I argue with it the rest of the drive.

Before we dive into the conceptual, first I have to get this off my chest: this phrase is also, technically, incorrect. Live is a verb and fearless is an adjective. If you’re going to encourage people to live (verb), the correct accompanying word is fearlessly (adverb). Live Fearlessly. I’m not an editor or a grammar professional – but I

I could never…

When my co-worker’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer, the whispered phrase that surrounded her was, “I could never do that.” Two years later, one of the whisper’s three year old daughter also developed cancer, many a parents greatest fear*.

I theorize the reason we say, “I could never…” is we are trying to tell God-the-universe-and-everything:

“Don’t even try it, because if you do, I’ll break.

And you don’t want that do you?

Give that burden to someone stronger than me, someone patient,