Feedback Loop and Changing the World

Yesterday I learned about a concept I knew, but didn't know the name of: The Feedback Loop. Those in the meeting with me seemed to be familiar with this, but it's new to me so incase it is new to you, I'll explain:

The Feedback Loop is simply when a small something moves forward cyclicly to a larger something then again a larger something feeding upon itself over and over. The examples given were a stampede of animals or a forest fire. A spark leads to a another to the heat to the dry to the spark to the heat to the dry until it's a Giant Blaze!

When this concept it not a forest fire, I love it! Wow. It's like a ripple effect but on steroids. And unlike the ripple effect, it works both ways. There are loop dampeners and amplifiers that broaden or close the circle. So, for example, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle your amplifiers may be to eat more vegetables, to move your body, to drink more water, and as you do these things the circle may broaden to where you crave healthier food and enjoy movement and so on. I'm just speaking in theory here