And now a snippet from The Innocent Prince Series

The Queen lay exhausted from the toil but still alert enough to notice the minutes that passed between them. She held her own breath in wait for the babe’s cry. Finally it came, a small burst from the child to claim his place. Then she waited for words of ease from Magdeline.

The Queen’s anticipation ran through a fog of fatigue. Magdeline wrapped the child and placed him in his basket. She completed the process of caring for the mother with swift efficiency. The Queen’s exhaustion overruled her anxieties and she lay for these moments in silence. Magdeline covered her and then attended to the babe.

“Tell me we have a Prince,” the Queen said softly.

“Yes,” said Magdeline. “You have a son.”

“I am anxious to meet him.”

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Very Nearly Almost Recognized

The Survivor's Pack

The snow was gone, but the air was still bitterly cold. The ground remained too hard to dig into, so the bodies stiffly lined up on top of the frozen earth.

The calendar in my mind did not match the one etched to my soul. Was it one week ago that I bolted from Kaylee’s tent, gagging over the sight of her bloody nose?

Jacob used a clothespin to stop the bleeding. What good will that do? None. She died only an hour later.

The Wave Goodbye

That day from the moment he awoke beside me, I knew everything had changed. Something in the way his eyes looked through me said, “Things will never be the same.” There will be no more lazy days. I could see in the determination on his face; there would be no more picnics under the Cottonwood. No more secret meetings after the sun had set, when we watched the moonlight and the tree’s dancing shadows. He didn't twirl me around as he ran past; he didn't even brush my hand.

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Naked Garden

She was nude, but no chill had ever been felt to her skin. The softness of her innocence mirrored the purity of the garden. The dawn broke and the sun scattered light in prisms. Each blossom turned, blooming and bursting with the invention of color. Every creature motioned the fullness of life. She moved peacefully. The air stood and waited, ready to give her next breath. There were no lines on her face, no evidence of fear or despair. Her skin had no imperfections from toil, sun, or time. She reached unabashedly for an enormous grape on the vine. Her teeth sunk through the skin and juice fell from her lips. It slid down her neck to her breast.

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