Fine Lines Summer Camp

Fine Lines is an Omaha based organization that encourages and publishes writers from around the world.

Each summer Fine Lines hosts a summer camp and this year Marcus and I are excited to bring Black Day, the pillars to a good story, and a bit about our journey as artists, to camp!

Marcus and I are only one set of the many great artists and teachers that make this camp inspiring and invigorating. I’ve shared a bit about Fine Lines Camp before, you can read my thoughts here.

Camp is June 24-28, 8:30 to noon. It’s from 4th grade to adult

Fine Lines Journal & Camp

Fine Lines

During my first year in this new adventure called writing, I discovered the beauty of the public library. I wrote a lot in libraries and have tried out the several locations Omaha is fortunate to have. It is empowering to write while surrounded by so many great works. It feels good to be among people among the books. And there are limited distractions, enabling work.

Well, limited if you don’t count the books and magazines…

I first picked up a Fine Lines Journal in the downtown location of the Omaha Public

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