Before the Castle Gates Close – Flash Fiction

"Wandering through the Woods" by Susan Kimball. Available on “Wandering through the Woods” by Susan Kimball. Available on

The hallucinated movements in my peripheral vision are tricks of the fatigue.

The Queen walked this same journey’s path to her new throne. I wonder, did her cloak become frayed and torn from the thistles and brush constantly clawing, holding her back? 

How did this trail look with hope calling from the destination? How does it feel to be rushing toward the light rather than fleeing

If I Bear Your Lie

“You lied.”

“I wanted to help.” Serynn replied.

“If I force you to tell the truth, the church will hang you.” Doran said, “If I bear your lie, allow you to arm me with your ignorance, I shall die in tournament.”

“In truth,” Peter spoke, “You’ve little chance of living through tournament as ‘tis.”

“Thank you. Peter.”

“You will not die at tournament.” Serynn said.

They three, practically children, faced an impossible position for themselves and for the Island. Yet Doran felt the corners of his mouth turn upward. No words came forth but Serynn saw, “I forgive you.”


Thank you Charli for this

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Books I’d Love for You to Know

Books Make the Best Gifts

Am I right? Of course! Here’s where I  remind you of a few books for your list, for yourself or for a friend.

Let’s start with fiction

Up_Do🙂  Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers Earlier this year Spider Press released this anthology of very short fiction. The diverse works span genre and style. Since the works are all flash fiction, in this case meaning less than 1000 words

Final Exams



My fellow Council Members: I stand before you today 50 years after the inaugural Finals program when I myself was 10 years old, to discuss choosing the age bracket for an additional Final culling of atypicals. exams speech


Despite what the environmentalists say, I present myself here as an example that all of those examined and processed through the program are not heartless barbarians. No, this program only promotes the ideal of strong leaders and good workers.


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