Flash Fiction & the Rose Red Review

You know what we haven’t talked about much lately?


Well, Good News. The Rose Red Review has great fiction and

Rose Red ReviewThe Spring Edition of Rose Red Review, an online journal, is now up and live.

You should read it!  You may recognize one flash fiction author in the lineup.

nudge nudge, wink wink.

Yup, the very short piece Pillar of Strength is included among the interesting fiction and poetry.

ppwc view 2014

Flash Fiction by Women Writers


The first month the old woman didn’t pay her rent she bought a gun instead.




The next month she ordered a live lobster. A boy brought it in a box strapped to the back of his bike. She handed him a two dollar coin. Then they both turned and stood a moment watching her neighbors shuffle their crying children into an overstuffed car. She shrugged and plucked a single envelope from her mailbox.

Flash Fiction & Unbelievable Truths

Life is full of stories and inspiration

Combine that with my stubborn nature, and sometimes there will be a story that I am unwilling to change. This story is a fine example of both. There were three bits of "real life" that collided to combine the elements for this story. The most unbelievable bits, those have come from true life. My decision to not pull those bits from the story make it mine; they also make it difficult to sell.

So I won't. Instead I am giving it to you for Free! It's been over a month since I've given you some fiction. SO here you go, enjoy this short work and know there's more truth to it than you may think. :)

Those Eternal Minutes

Lane’s phone vibrated from within his inside suit pocket.


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