Attack of the Puppets!

Marcus was small for a long time. If he were born now, with today's safety rules, he would probably would have be in some sort of car seat device until he was a 13 or so. Seriously, he was small for a long time. And then, it seems like overnight, he wasn't. But that's not what I'm going to tell you about, I'm going to tell you about one day as he rode in the front seat of the car while Quinn was driving.

As we have already discussed, Marcus has an active imagination and he's not afraid to tell his stories to those around him or himself. When I shared about the self-talk , I had this conversation on Twitter with a few other parents from across the world:

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Fun Friday – Lazy Night at the Sikora’s


I think the whole community is still recovering from #WDSD14

Seriously, after so much awareness building, advocacy pounding and learning – Oh the learning! – I think the whole DS community has quieted a minute to recover. At first it’s energizing and now…I’m tired. Let’s all take a deep breath. Take a minute to enjoy our families, before we hit the streets again.

For many years I worked a “big job” with a lot of hours. Friday nights were the best night of the week because I’d usually come home at a reasonable hour and enjoy

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Fun Friday – Preparing for another quick Theatre Road Trip

Look what we found!

As you may recall, Marcus and I last spring got our theatre fix by taking a short roadtrip to community theatres in the region.  Well, I just got information about a super fun Live Disney Theatre event in Sioux City, IA.


Let me tell you, I LOVE this new plan of seeing great shows closer to home. The prices are right and the performances are always great. So on November 24th, we’ll be at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City, IA.

Here’s the official blurb that got me

Getting Ready for Halloween

Tonight Marcus Prepares for a Halloween Dance with the folks at The Ollie Webb Center. He L-O-V-E-S to dance. And ever since he discovered "the robot," well, it's been all over for any other dance style.

Once, he practically took over a friend's wedding reception when Styx: Mr. Roboto began playing. Not because he took the whole dance floor, but because he Performed and everyone stopped to watch. He didn't care, by the way, he was neither invigorated or daunted by the attention. He doesn't dance for anyone but himself, you know, like everyone says it should be?

ANYway, back to Halloween. Starting in , well, let's see, let's say...November, Marcus begins thinking of what to be for the next Halloween. It changes daily, or more, especially as the day actually nears.

Fortunately he usually settles on something "easy," lucky for me.

SO here are a few previous Halloween pics:


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