Fun Friday – Getting Ready for Camp Fontanelle

This weekend we are headed to Nickerson, Nebraska.

Where? You might well ask.

Camp Fontanelle in Nickerson, NE

Pumpkin patch & corn maze, 183 acres of wooded hills, and 350' zip lines!!

Check out this corn maze!

I just found out about this camp that offers faith based summer camping programs. (Anyone can come to camp, not just those attending a United Methodist Church.) And in the Fall they offer the corn maze and pumpkin patch to support their main mission.

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MarcusLand – Fun Friday

Marcus is sitting on his, well, where you sit, holding a full basket of laundry and sliding down the stairs.

One of the to-do's on his list is to take laundry downstairs, but he feels a little too unsteady to carry it down the stairs any other way.

So down he goes, one step at a time.

I can hear him, as I sit reading blogs and perusing Twitter. I hear him say MarcusLand in a just over whisper. The voice he has when he's forming an idea.

Then, "Hey Mardra-"


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