What are the Odds -Sherry Palmer

sherry adn charlieOur next guest in the What Are the Odds game is another new friend who I clearly have so much in common with 1) We both have an adult son with Down syndrome. 2) We both had endometriosis, it sucked, we’ll leave it at that and 3) we both have 2 cats.

From there, well…the paths do diverge, now that I think of it. Sherry holds an MFA in creative writing from Spalding University. She works at the Halls Branch

What are the Odds – Brian Long

Brian and Connor Long Brian and Connor Long

Alright kids, another treat today as we continue the What are the Odds? Series Today we’re hearing from Brian Long, self-proclaimed Dadvocate.

First however, I must tell you that one of the inspirations for the What are the Odds? series was me thinking about the odds of having a child with Down syndrome, like, at all. Mark Leach recently (the same day I started this series coincidentally) reshared his What are the Odds post from a

#Giveaways to Get In On

OK! There are a few awesome giveaways going on in honor of #WDSD16 that you don’t want to miss out on!

One) Reasons to Smile: New book review and Giveaway. This one ends soon – so don’t delay! “SO Many Reasons to Smile” Here. 

Two) The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome Grand Prize Giveaway has just started! A whole package of goodies and the virtual book tour, two, is kicking in. “#WDSD16 The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome Book Tour & Giveaway” is Here.

Three) The lovely blog For Elysium

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The Children’s Book Review – Review

Check out the front page of the website The Children’s Book Review and you will get a peek of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. And what’s more: A Giveaway! SO please, enter in and tell your friends to check it out. Seriously. Tell. Everyone. Thanks! The Children’s Book Review Review of Black Day is here.




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