Facing the Vast Horizon

My nephew was on a California beach on his 9th birthday. He looks pretty comfortable with beach life, doesn’t he? I expect he sees the ocean as a giant adventure.

Some people look at the ocean, the waves, and colors and it brings a sense of calm. I have a hard time even imagining that emotional response.

Over the last few years, I’ve had

So, Three Years is long enough to…

Mardra&MarcusWhen I was 40 years old, I knew it was “now or never.” I jumped off the boat of responsibility and into the ocean of dreams.  And over the last three years I’ve built a small raft and have floated, more or less, without sail or oars.


Three years seems like a long time when thinking about the future.


Well, maybe not a long time, but certainly enough time. However, when  looking back – three years isn’t much time at all, after all.

In these last three years:

I’ve written a book, but

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