Time’s Up (and Down Syndrome)

What I wanted to know for just five minutes on June 21st is what I should be trying to say now. Breathe. Embrace. Capture. Laughter. A love like you’ve never known will hold you for the rest of your days. Many people live their whole lives not knowing why they were born, June 21st 1990 was a blur but it was only one day after you found your purpose. It was the day after you found out your beautiful son was born with Down syndrome.

…When he grows up?

Downs Side Up posted yesterday  my guest post.  I am particularly proud of it.

Most of this post came directly from my journal entry a few days before Marcus’ graduation.

The journal entry of my thoughts of Marcus entering adulthood as a person with Down syndrome.

I hope that you check it out and also look around at her site. 

She has said much, shown much, and done much in a short time in the effort to “change perceptions of Down syndrome.”

Go Hayley!

Read my post here. 🙂


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