A Note From Marcus’ Dad

Today we have a special treat: A guest post from Quinn!

 Meeting Marcus

I knew I was in trouble the moment I met Marcus. He was 2 1/2 years old and tiny. He looked at me and smiled, only it wasn’t a smile of courtesy at being introduced, it was a smile of great enthusiasm as if he already knew and loved me; like I’d returned. It scared me.

At first, it was because I had a thing for his mother, and by way of implication, that could mean a heavy responsibility was literally staring me in the

Productive Member of Society

Determining if someone is/isn't a "productive member of society" is one way decisions are made: to be born or aborted, to be free to roam the streets or locked in a loony bin, to be rehabilitated or incarcerated, to be an actor or just someone on a reality TV show.

…When he grows up?

Downs Side Up posted yesterday  my guest post.  I am particularly proud of it.

Most of this post came directly from my journal entry a few days before Marcus’ graduation.

The journal entry of my thoughts of Marcus entering adulthood as a person with Down syndrome.

I hope that you check it out and also look around at her site. 

She has said much, shown much, and done much in a short time in the effort to “change perceptions of Down syndrome.”

Go Hayley!

Read my post here. 🙂


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