3 Great Ways to Rock Halloween

I’m #SurprisedNotSurprised at how many families tell me that Halloween is a favorite holiday, especially for people with Down syndrome. We could wax theories, compare stereotypical and atypical attitudes about the drama, the costumes, the candy, the alter-ego (villain and super-hero), opportunities to roam the streets in a judgement free zone, or –  OR we could just recognize that Halloween is a fun holiday that allows for people

#DSAM2014 Wraps Up and Free Write Friday

Down Syndrome Awareness Month, what did we accomplish?

Well, we pitched into the Google war, battling the negative with the positive, one hopes. We shared outside of our community and we bantered, again and more, within the community. For my own blog, I only accomplished 20 for 21 this year instead of 31 for 21. But I am very thankful to Big Blueberry Eyes for the challenge and the host. Well Played!

Getting Ready for Halloween

Tonight Marcus Prepares for a Halloween Dance with the folks at The Ollie Webb Center. He L-O-V-E-S to dance. And ever since he discovered "the robot," well, it's been all over for any other dance style.

Once, he practically took over a friend's wedding reception when Styx: Mr. Roboto began playing. Not because he took the whole dance floor, but because he Performed and everyone stopped to watch. He didn't care, by the way, he was neither invigorated or daunted by the attention. He doesn't dance for anyone but himself, you know, like everyone says it should be?

ANYway, back to Halloween. Starting in , well, let's see, let's say...November, Marcus begins thinking of what to be for the next Halloween. It changes daily, or more, especially as the day actually nears.

Fortunately he usually settles on something "easy," lucky for me.

SO here are a few previous Halloween pics:

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